* [ES] Habra instructores que hablen Castellano y Euskera.
* [EU] Euskaraz eta Gazteleraz dakiten irakasleak egongo dira.

A Raspberry Pi Jam is a meetup for fans of all things Raspberry Pi based of all ages.

If you want to learn about Raspberry Pis, get help from others, show off your projects, or meet like-minded people a Jam is the place to do so.

We’ll have several different Pis available to play around with and a lot more besides. We are working to have several example projects set up on the day including Raspberry Pi camera, Sonic Pi, Minecraft Pi, fully programmable with Scratch, Microbit... There will also be a few talks and tutorials.

Bring your Pi along if you want, we’d love to see you there!

Suitable for all ages, but under 9yrs must be accompanied by an adult. We will have instructors in English, Spanish and Basque.

Keynote Speaker

Ben Nuttall

Community Manager Raspberry Pi Foundation

Creator of gpiozero & pyjokes


Saturday 7

10.00 - Doors open

12.00 - JAM KEYNOTE TALK (Ben Nuttall)

English, Videoconference, 20 mins

13.00 - Lunch time (Room closed)

15.30 - Doors open

17.00 - End of the day

Sunday 8

10.00 - Doors open

13.00 - Lunch time (Room closed)

15.30 - Doors open

17.00 - End of the day

The Jam plan is still underway. More information will be detailed soon.

NOTE: Until 16 years the registration is free. For older people a Pyss17 regular registration is required.

NOTA: Para menores de 16 años el registro es gratuito. Los mayores de 16 se debera de poseer un registro de la conferencia Pyss17.

OHARRA: 16 urtetik beherakoek doan. Nagusiek Pyss17 konferentziaren ticket bat izan beharko dute parte hartzeko.